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This device solves the frustration you face with multiple video and audio types playing them all

This device solves the frustration you face with multiple video and audio types playing them all

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Program license: Free

Program by: KMPlayer


Works under: Windows

Also available for Android Mac


Program license

(13,852 votes)


Program by



Works under:

Also available for


Android Mac

KMPlayer is a versatile video player that is able to support numerous file formats and codecs. This player supports most video file formats and there are many ways to customize the player to match your needs. There are also numerous features like adding filters, syncing audio and even manually adding new codecs for more file formats.

Supported Formats

KMPlayer supports many formats and quality settings by default. As soon as you download this program you can immediately load MKV, WMV, MP4, 3GP, FLV and MOV movie files. Not only that, but you can also play videos in standard quality, HD, 4K, ultra high definition, 3D and more. It also works with Blu-ray and DVDs. You can load codecs for even more functionality, but this player has no problem working with most video files even if you never customize it.

Primary Features

KMPlayer doesn't just support many different formats, qualities and codecs. It also has a large number of features. For example, you can adjust a video's playback. You can do normal things like skip sections or chapters. You can also have specific scenes repeat as many times as you want. Another useful feature is that you can sync audio so that it plays better or more to your liking.

You also get many filters that can change how the video looks. Many of these filters change the color balance or aspect ratio. You can give a video an older sepia look or make it even more colorful and vibrant. These filters also allow you to make the movie compatible with 3D and VR technology. You can adjust the 3D and VR look until it's just right.

KMPlayer has some recording features in terms of recording both audio and video. These features are basic, but you're able to capture video from video files that you're playing or your computer's camera. You can also speak into the microphone or any external microphone that you connect to record audio. It's easy to add this on top of other video files if you want to make a voice over or combine certain files. You can also add and customize subtitles with KMPlayer.

You can alter the video and sound in advanced ways. You can increase playback speed, reduce or increase noise independent of the video and do so much more. If you feel the need to make your video watching perfect, then you'll like how much control KMPlayer gives you.

The interface is easy to customize. You can move tools and functions around, change the size of menus and alter everything else until the interface is perfect for your needs. This gives you a level of control that you don't normally get with video players. One interesting feature is that you can have your computer shut down when the video is over, which can be good for that one last movie of the day.

Aside from playing numerous file formats, KMPlayer even does its best to work with corrupted video files. This can be tough because it largely depends on how corrupted the file is, but KMPlayer will play any portions of the file that are still intact. You can also easily share any video files through KMPlayer. Simply select which website to upload the video to and KMPlayer will do the rest.


KMPlayer has many features and functions. So many that a manual could be very helpful to explain how everything works. While there is a manual, you might have some issues reading it since there is no English language equivalent at the moment. If English is the only language that you know, then you will be unable to read the manual. You'll have to just try each tool and see what happens. Many of the tools are intuitive, but some are a little obtuse and you won't know what they do until you try them.

Another issue is the advertisements. KMPlayer is a free program and the developers want to make money on their creation. That is understandable. Even so, some people will find the constant advertisements on the side a little annoying. These shouldn't be visible if you're viewing the movie in fullscreen mode.


You can customize the interface to match your needs. This means you can simplify it and ensure that only the most important tools are visible. At the same time, the default interface can be quite complex. You are given many tools and many of them you won't need for everyday video watching. Not only do you have to figure out what they all do, but they can clog up the interface and make it harder to find the tools that you do need.

It's best if you spend a few minutes figuring out which tools you need and customizing the interface so that they are the only visible tools. This makes the interface much easier to work with.

Loading Codecs

While KMPlayer is already set to play the most common video file formats, there are some videos out there that it cannot play. This is where loading new codecs comes into play. Loading new codecs ensures that you can expand KMPlayer's functionality so that it can work with even more file formats. You can find codecs on websites or you can load them through KMPlayer. It will often try to find a codec for you if it encounters a video file that it cannot play.

Loading codecs into KMPlayer is very easy. You just have to open the codec menu, search for the file on your hard drive and this program will do the rest. It's surprisingly simple and ensures that you can play nearly any video that you come across.


  • Highly versatile video player that works with almost every file format
  • Many features and tools to customize playback, filters and more
  • You can customize the interface to match your needs


  • There are advertisements along the side
  • No English language manual to reference

KMPlayer is a piece of software that plays video and audio files through a Windows system. It can play a wide array of audio and video file formats, and it doesn't take up much space on your system. The software also doesn't use many system resources, so it's great for playing in the background while you perform other tasks.

This software provides fast and intuitive audio and video playback through a user interface that features a sleek, minimalist design. When the app is open, it has a small footprint on the desktop, and unlike other media players, it requires only minimal system resources to use.

One nice feature of the user interface is that it can be customized with personal skins, so you can find something that matches the theme of your PC and your personality. You can take advantage of a number of interesting visual details, like a slight shift in the player's color when a new track begins. You can also build a library of your own music and import missing artwork for those albums from the web automatically.

If you're the type of person who wants to personalize their software as much as possible, KMPlayer gives you that freedom. It comes with a number of preloaded playback options, visualization effects, and plug-ins. You can also add your own plug-ins for greater customization. Of course, the software requires you to activate many of the more advanced functions, which is nice since it means you won't see any annoying pop-ups associated with those options.

Some of the newest media formats involve 3D video footage, and KMPlayer fully supports those formats. You can also easily add full albums or individual songs with the import function.

The great thing about KMPlayer is that it acts as an all-in-one solution for your video and audio needs. It supports so many different formats that you will never require any other media playback software. If you happen to encounter a file format that it doesn't support natively, you can add support for additional formats thanks to the plug-in expandability.

There are also a number of advanced functions in KMPlayer. It comes with several built-in processing functions for applying filters, altering image properties, and sharpening the general picture. The app is also able to capture video footage from directly within itself.

KMPlayer is your answer if you need a powerful video and audio playback app that can be fully personalized for your uses. The range of files supported by KMPlayer includes MKV, AVS, FLV, WMV, ASF, AVI, and a whole host of others. It doesn't take any advanced knowledge to take advantage of the power of this app. If you're accustomed to any other benchmark media players, you'll have no trouble with this software. It has no obvious downsides beyond the fact that it has no standout features that make it unique.


  • Easy To Customize
  • Resource-Light
  • Multiple Format Support


  • No Apparent Negatives